Bra Fitting

Personal Bra Fitting

At Labels To Love we offer a FREE and personal bra fitting service.


This means that you can have access to the correct fitting bra, giving you optimum support and comfort.


Surveys and studies reveal that most women tend to be wearing the wrong bra type and more often the wrong size. So take advantage of our FREE bra fitting service and advice today.

Come and get fitted today!

Seven Steps To A Perfect Bra Fit


  1. The band around the bra needs to be firm but comfortable.

  2. Ensure the back of  the bra is in line with the front of  the bra and is fastened on the loosest hook.

  3. The cups should not come too high underneath the arms as this may cause rubbing and discomfort during wear.

  4. The whole of the breast should fit neatly into the cup, with no excess flesh behind the cup or over the top of it.

  5. Wires and boning must lie flat against the body and go right around the contour of the breast.

  6. The centre front of the bra between the breasts should lie flat against the body.

  7. Straps must only be adjusted until you feel the breast is supported into its natural position, usually half way between the shoulder and the elbow.